For the third year in a row, Art on Paper, in collaboration with BOZAR and with the support of Eeckman Art & Insurance, has launched a competition for artists and art students, with the winner receiving a grant and exhibition space to display their work during the fair. This year the jury consists of Paul Dujardin, CEO of BOZAR; Marie Cantos, Artistic Director of Art on Paper; Cédric Liénart de Jeude from Eeckman Art & Insurance; and the collectors Dimitri Jeurissen, Benedikt van der Vorst, Marie-France Degembe, Myriam de Solages, and Caroline le Grelle. The jury identified artist Benjamin L. Aman (born 1981) as the stand-out winner for the graphic quality of his work, the coherence of his approach and the pertinence of his project.

Benjamin L. Aman, winner of the Eeckman Art Prize 2018


Benjamin L. Aman graduated from the National School of Art and Design in Nancy (France). His drawings, installations and music tell of an experience of space that is physical, intimate and emotional. He does not focus merely on arranging distinct objects, but rather to giving presence to the space that separates us from them, seeking to energise the vague expanse that surrounds them. His work has been exhibited numerous times in France and abroad during solo shows (The Drawer and the Éditions Manucius in Paris, Kunstraum Michael Barthel in Leipzig, and L’Atelier-KSR in Berlin) and group exhibitions (Centre Pompidou in Paris, Rencontres d'Arles photography festival, Centre d’Art Contemporain Nei Liicht in Dudelange, Centre d’Art Contemporain Micro-Onde in Velizy, Musée d’Art Contemporain de Rochechouart, and Les Instants Chavirés in Montreuil). He co-founded the duo Sleep Disorders in 2010 with artist Marion Auburtin and also heads up record label Razzle Dazzle, exploring the frontiers of the visible and the audio.

Benjamin L. Aman, A silent Flow (présence d’une présence), séquences 28 à 43, 2015 – graphite et pastels sur papier
© photo : Nicolas Brasseur



There is something first class about the work of Benjamin L. Aman. Or, at the very least, there is an attempt to attain it, to realise pure sensation and, at the same time, to uncover the invisible architectures of thought and of the continuum of materials - those that secretly organise the world order, bring together images and memories of mental meanderings, and construct the suspended structures from which we contemplate nothingness. Through his charcoal sketches, his foam board objects, his sound creations and his stagings (all of which mirror one another in form and reflect an almost synaesthetic approach), the artist amplifies our perceptions and makes the void in which we immerse our thoughts tangible. It is a void that harks back to transitory states, to breaks from reality, to “hearing blindness” and “sight deafness,” as the artist puts it, to impressions of density and darkness, and to the sound of the silence we inhabit. For Art on Paper, Benjamin L. Aman is presenting a solo show entitled "Pour que la voûte du palais soit voûte de ciel" (Making the roof of the mouth the vault of heaven), bringing together graphic, sculptural and sound art to present the audio experience as a visual landscape and drawing as a colourful journey. Each work becomes one element in a score that stretches across time and space.



Paul Dujardin / CEO BOZAR
Marie Cantos / Art on Paper Artistic Director
Cédric Liénart de Jeude / Eeckman Art & Insurance
Dimitri Jeurissen / Art Collector
Benedikt van der Vorst / Art Collector
Marie-France Degembe / Art Collector
Myriam de Solages / Art Collector
Caroline le Grelle / Art Collector