Masureel Art Factory – Lore Vanelslande
in 'Oasis', an exhibition by Bas Hendrikx


“Paper is patient,” wrote a 19th-century historian about the collections of Charles the Bold, who lived just a stone's throw from here, on the Mont des Arts. At Art on Paper we focus on art on paper and drawing. Due to the wide diversity of possibilities and applications, the art of drawing has not always had an easy time of it in the past and yet it can certainly be argued that it is the mother of all arts. Paper, which has been indispensable in our lives for centuries, has many different facets to it. Its poetic quality lies in the fragility of the material. It is an instrument for noting observations, designs, ideas and for fine arts. Nowhere else will you get closer to the signature of the creator. Paper won't blush.

MAF edition 1: Lore Vanelslande, Running With Light (RWL 101), classic wallcovering, non woven, 10.05 x 0.67 m/roll, 2017

Masureel has an extensive art collection, collected by Guy Verstraete, the driving force behind Masureel. Besides historic designs for wallpaper and textiles, the collection contains modern and contemporary art, with a major focus on works on paper dating from the twenties to the present day.

The idea for this exhibition has its roots in the collaboration between Masureel and Art on Paper. The spotlight is on the intimacy of the art of drawing, because no other medium better lends itself to being viewed so close to the creative process and the artist’s handwriting. Thanks to the medium’s versatility, the skin of the drawing and the sensitivity of art on paper are thrown into relief. Mankind’s relationship with its physical, cultural and natural surroundings is central here – expressed through the use of clusters of works from other artists who highlight the underlying relationship, context and process involved in the works.

Masureel is a family business producing top-quality wallcoverings. It is based in Hulste, a village in West Flanders province, and makes its products by combining innovation, quality and creativity. Besides designing wallcoverings for industry and private individuals, the Masureel Art Factory actively looks for artists it can work with. MAF invites them to experiment with wallpaper as a medium. This is a new way to take work on paper outside of the conventional frame, to establish a connection with the surroundings and become a part of the architecture.

Lore Vanelslande, Basic Matrix, ink on paper, 2016

The first MAF edition is Running With Light (2017) by Lore Vanelslande and features a series of five works: four classic wallpapers and a digital print on seven panels. In this series, Vanelslande (1983, Ieper) seeks to forge unity between consciousness and the nature of reality. The geometrical patterns, executed in white and pastel tones, create a combination of light, movement and reflection.


Bio: Bas Hendrikx is the artistic director of Art on Paper. In his role as curator he has organised exhibitions for Garage Rotterdam, CIAP in Hasselt, the Domijnen Museum in Sittard, Skulptur Bredelar, Marres Centre for Contemporary Culture in Maastricht and De Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam. Bas is the founder of Kunsthalle Amsterdam. He writes regular features for catalogues and magazines and he is the editor of the book ‘Authenticity? Observations and Artistic Strategies in the Post-Digital Age’, published by Valiz.