Committed to the promotion of today’s art scene, Art on Paper in collaboration with BOZAR and with the support of EECKMAN ART & INSURANCE presents the Eeckman Art Prize aimed at young artists and art students whose work reflect an affinity with drawing.

The winner of the Eeckman Art Prize, which will be awarded by a jury that brings together professionals of the artworld, gets the opportunity to present his work as a solo show during Art on Paper at BOZAR as well as, from this 2019 on, in the Botanique.

The Eeckman Art Prize 2019 jury

Eléonore de Sadeleer / Director, Fondation CAB
Miene Gillion / Art Collector
Bas Hendrikx / Artistic Director, Art on Paper
Sophie Lauwers / Head of exhibitions, BOZAR
Cédric Liénart de Jeude / Eeckman Art Insurance
Benedikt van der Vorst / Art Collector


The jury selected Timo van Grinsven (1985) as the winner of the Eeckman Art Prize 2019.

Mountains Mountains
© Charlie de Keersmaecker

The jury praises Timo for the open, humorous and unconventional attitude with which he approaches drawing. His practice encompasses a multitude of shapes and materials, of which drawing is always the foundation. He draws from a large register of visual references, captured by him in striking drawings with a clear line. His work follows its own inimitable logic, described by the artist himself as a ‘‘directed coincidence’’, in which a balance is always found between image and language, idea and tactility. More information:

For his solo show at Art on Paper (25 - 27.10.2019 - Eeckman Art Prize stand), Timo van Grinsven will make a new presentation with an emphasis on drawings that have escaped the paper's boundaries. His free approach to the medium offers the possibility to include the context and environment such as walls, shadows and location in his presentation. The spatial aspects of the relief patterns, wall drawings and indentions reinforce the graphic qualities of his drawings.

Timo van Grinsven will be exhibited in the Botanique for the first time for the Brussels Drawing Week with an exhibition especially made for the occasion.
'Automagisch' (22 - 27.10.2019) will bring together a series of original works that are made of materials assembled idiosyncratically into an installation or in a sculpture.
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