SOFAM Prize for Best Solo Show at Art on Paper

SOFAM, the authors’ rights organisation for visual artists in Belgium and Art on Paper are delighted to announce the SOFAM Prize for Best Solo show at Art on Paper 2019. The winner, who will be awarded 2000 euros plus a free SOFAM membership, will be announced on Thursday 24 October at 7pm in the Rotunda Bertouille of BOZAR. We are grateful to our distinguished jury who will take on the task of selecting a winner:

SOFAM, the members of the jury and Art on Paper congratulate VINCENT GEYSKENS and the gallery LA SIMONIE for winning the SOFAM Prize for Best Solo Show at Art on Paper 2019.

Charif Benhelima, visual artist
Martin Germann, independent curator
Karel Hooft, collector, vice president of the Friends of the SMAK
Filiep Libeert, collector
Lilou Vidal, independent curator
Lisa Wilkens, visual artist, winner with Vera Molnár, SOFAM Prize 2018

Lisa Wilkens, MEHR ERNEUERUNG, 2018
© Aleksandra Chaushova CALIPERS, 2019


Celebrating excellence

The fair’s practice of showcasing single artists invites focused viewing. Art on Paper thus provides ample opportunity for artists’ voices to pronounce themselves, in coherent, qualitatively outstanding presentations. And, whilst works on paper can allow for a lighter approach, previous editions have shown this to neither limit the impact nor the scope of experimentation. The SOFAM Prize aims to celebrate these levels of excellence.


This year SOFAM will also be exhibiting recent work by the SOFAM Prize’s winners in a dedicated space at the fair. Those who have been with us from the start will see how these artists have developed since receiving the prize, and newcomers will be able to sample how works by four very different artists interact and deal with the fair’s main protagonist: drawing.

The presentation features work by:

Aleksandra Chaushova (2016)
Nicolás Lamas (winner 2017)
Vera Molnár (joint winner 2018)
Lisa Wilkens (joint winner 2018)


About SOFAM:

SOFAM is a non-profit cooperative managed by artists. It cares for and defends authors’ rights for visual artists in Belgium. Alongside its core tasks of collecting and distributing collective rights, resale rights, offering judicial support and licensing, it supports the artistic field with a modest programme of artistic projects and partnerships, with prizes, grants, and thematically relevant exhibitions in the European House of the Authors in Brussels where it is based.