Nicolás Lamas wins the SOFAM Prize for Best Solo Show at Art on Paper 2017

Nicolás Lamas' show at Art on Paper is a discreetly balanced conversation between works that look very different, but interrelate in the way they play with how images appear on paper, and how we understand them. The velvety black, cumpled print of a starry night stands like a solid sculpture near an open atlas in which the map of a Greek mountain has been sanded off the page, leaving a blank surface and tiny heaps of dust, arranged like islands. Pages in an old copy of National Geographic have been torn out, to reveal new juxtapositions. In a large print, a leopard's spots have been scratched but are still visible, and the artist's blind contour drawings of photographs of archaeological excavations are depictions of fragments that fall apart as drawings as well, because the artist didn't look at the graph paper while he was drawing.

Meessen De Clercq Gallery with Nicolás Lamas at Art on Paper 2017

SOFAM, the Belgian authors' rights organisation that caters specifically to the visual arts, has awarded a special prize for the best solo exhibition at Art on Paper 2017 at BOZAR in Brussels. SOFAM is committed to supporting and promoting the visual arts. With this prize SOFAM wishes to support the winning artist, as well as raising the visibility of the medium of contemporary drawing. The SOFAM prize of € 2000 was announced and awarded on September 6th at 18:00. 

SOFAM is a copyright collective company, founded in 1978 by artists, dedicated to visual artists in Belgium and the management and protection of their authors’ rights. In addition to collecting and distributing royalties and resale rights, SOFAM offers its members - artists who work on paper, painters, illustrators, photographers, multimedia artists, designers, architects and other producers of visual work - specialist legal advice. SOFAM also maintains a dynamic program of support and promotion of the visual arts through selected partnerships and prizes.

SOFAM recognizes the importance of aiding artists at every stage of their career. Financial support can help create much-needed time and space for artists to develop new work. In times of cuts it is more important than ever that artists receive additional support from a variety of sources. SOFAM also considers it important to create ways to formally acknowledge outstanding artistic achievement: the awarding of prizes by a distinguished, professional jury recognizes not only the individual winner, but celebrates an artistic discipline as a whole, whilst raising the visibility of all the participants’ work, and stimulating the debate in the artistic field and beyond.  


Charlotte Beaudry / Artist
Aleksandra Chaushova / Artist
Caroline Dumalin / Curator WIELS
Loek Grootjans / Artist
Koen Leemans / Director of exhibitions, CCMechelen, De Garage
Michel Wittock / Collector, founder of Bibliotheca Wittockiana, Brussels

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