Art on Paper, the international fair for contemporary drawing in Brussels, will take place from 15 to 19 September 2021 in BOZAR.

Art on Paper presents in the heart of Brussels a unique panorama of the quality and diversity of contemporary approaches to drawing through the organisation of an international fair dedicated to this practice.

In collaboration with BOZAR, Art on Paper offers the various audiences, both professionals and amateurs, the opportunity to discover this diversity through the presentation of artists selected by established and emerging Belgian and international galleries.

The fair takes place in the museum setting of the Palais des Beaux-Arts (BOZAR), the oldest and largest art centre in Belgium, which contributes to the exceptional character of the fair.

Novelties 2021:
  • Joost Declercq and Charlotte Crevits are taking over the artistic direction of the fair for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Larger exhibition area.
  • Publication of a new fair website and development, with the support of, of a digital platform for the management of VIP relations.


From the birth of the fair, under the impetus of Michel Culot and in collaboration with Paul Dujardin and the fair’s team, to the organisation of its 6th edition in 2021: find out, by year, the highlights and various players who have contributed to the evolution of Art on Paper to become one of the leading European drawing fairs.


Premises and birth of a commitment to the promotion of contemporary drawing.

  • After 5 years of Art on Paper as a pop up fair, initiated together with the gallerist Pierre Hallet , Michel Culot wanted to launch an annual art fair specialised in contemporary drawing together with a cultural institution.
  • At the instigation of Michel Culot (founder of Art on Paper at BOZAR), Adeline d'Ursel and Paul Dujardin (director of BOZAR), a collaboration agreement was signed to support the organisation of a platform for the promotion of contemporary drawing, the Art on Paper fair. 
  • The fair advocates the solo show as the preferred form of presentation of the artists' work. 
  • An agreement places Art on Paper as a "hosted event" within BOZAR, which is a partner of the fair.

2015 - 2017

First editions and development of the Art on Paper formula in the Terarken Rooms of BOZAR.

Fair Director / Adeline d’Ursel
Artistic Director / Pauline Hatzigeorgiou
Fair Coordinator / Grace Lombi
Fair Advisor / Liv Vaisberg


Denis De Rudder Head of the drawing department, La Cambre
Olivier Gevart Directeur, Ete 78
Harlan Levey Harlan Levey Projects
Francesco Rossi Rossicontemporary
Maïté Smeyers BOZAR Expo
Christophe Veys Veys-Verhaevert Collection

Denis De Rudder Head of the drawing department, La Cambre
Joost Declercq Director, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens
Olivier Gevart Director, Ete 78
Yves Lecointre Director, Frac Picardie/des mondes dessinés
Francesco Rossi Rossicontemporary
Christophe Veys Veys-Verhaevert Collection

Denis De Rudder Head of the drawing department, La Cambre
Joost Declercq Director, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens
Olivier Gevart Director, Ete 78
Sophie Lauwers Head of exhibitions, BOZAR
Yves Lecointre Director, Frac Picardie/des mondes dessinés
Tanguy Van Quickenborne Art collector

2015  2016  2017

  • The first three editions of the fair take place in the Terarken Rooms in BOZAR.
  • The fair welcomes 25 galleries including major Belgian and international galleries: Zenox X Gallery (Mircea Suciu), Albert Baronian (Robert Devriendt), Meessen De Clercq (Nicolas Lamas), Sofie Van De Velde (Johan de Wilde) and Michel Rein (Raphaël Zarka).  
  • On average, the fair welcomes nearly 5000 visitors at each edition, and its reputation is growing rapidly internationally. 
  • In addition to the solo shows, the Eeckman Art Prize is presented, a prize for young talent selected by a jury of professionals and initiated by the fair and its partners Eeckman Art & Insurance and BOZAR. 
  • Creation of the SOFAM prize for the best solo show, selected by a jury of professionals.
  • In 2017, the fair wins the Award in the category 'International Congress & Fair'.
  • Two in situ works are created in collaboration with BOZAR: in 2016, "Vaporisation Crystallisation" by the artist Henri Jacobs in the BOZAR Rotunda, entrance hall and Fumoir and, in 2017, "I still draw love, plants and things" in the Fumoir by the Ukrainian artist, Alevtina Kakhidze.
  • First partnership with La Libre Belgique for the co-creation of an Art on Paper supplement in Arts Libre.


The fair doubles in size, further increasing its influence and recognition both internationally and in Belgium. Art on Paper at BOZAR is one of the leading drawing fairs and a key event on the European drawing agenda.

Fair Director Adeline d'Ursel & Gilles Parmentier
Artistic Director Marie Cantos
Fair Coordinator Kelly de Gheldere
Fair Advisor Liv Vaisberg

Denis De Rudder Head of the drawing department, La Cambre
Joost Declercq Director, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens
Florence and Daniel Guerlain Art collector
Sophie Lauwers Head of exhibitions, BOZAR
Yves Lecointre Director, Frac Picardie l des mondes dessinés
Kate Mc Farlane Co-director, Drawing Room 
Reyn van der Lugt Art collector


  • The fair is located in the Ravenstein circuit of BOZAR and welcomes 50 galleries.
  • The fair opens a 'project space' section to allow young galleries and 'artist-run-spaces' to participate in the fair.
  • Collaboration with BOZAR Bookshop to present the artbooks of the artists present on the fair. 
  • Exhibition of a series of works on paper, "Dark Museums and Colored Museums" by the artist Leo Copers at BOZAR.
  • Creation of sound capsules by sound artist Alix Gastineau, on the initiative of Marie Cantos and with the support of SOFAM.
  • VIP programming of studio visits by artists (Gabriel Kuri, Audrey Cottin and Raffaella Crispino) and visits to private collections (Tobias Arndt and the Veys-Verhaevert collection).
  • Programming of three talks with speakers: Javier Quilis, curator and CEO INELCOM Arte Contemporáneo, Valeria Duplat du Tate and Denis De Rudder, head of the drawing department at La Cambre, and the artist Katrin Ströbel.
  • Performance and visual and sound installation, ''Drawing'', in the living room of the artist Clarissa Baumann.
  • Second edition of the Art on Paper supplement in Arts Libre in partnership with La Libre Belgique.


The 5th anniversary edition marks a turning point for Art on Paper at BOZAR, the fair welcomes almost 10,000 visitors and received unrivalled media attention. Launch of the first edition of the Brussels Drawing Week.

Fair Director Gilles Parmentier
Artistic Director Bas Hendrikx
Fair Coordinator Agnès Raux
Fair Advisor Liv Vaisberg

Denis De Rudder Head of the drawing department, La Cambre
Florence and Daniel Guerlain Art collectors
Kate Macfarlane Co-director, Drawing Room
Sophie Lauwers Head of exhibitions, BOZAR
Reyn van der Lugt Art collector


  • Opening of the fair to the presentation of one or two artists in addition to the solo show.
  • Launch of the first edition of the Brussels Drawing Week with around fifteen participating schools and art centres.
  • Programme of talks: conversation between the artist Daphné Nan Le Sergent and Johana Carrier, co-editor-in-chief of Roven, and between the artist Keren Cytter (Daata) and Bas Hendrikx, artistic director of Art on Paper 2019.
  • Exhibition of Timo van Grinsven, laureate of the Eeckman Art Prize at the Botanique as part of the Brussels Drawing Week.
  • Production of a catalogue for the 2019 edition of Art on Paper, listing the participating galleries, the partners and the programme of the Brussels Drawing Week.
  • BOZAR has a 'BOZAR on Paper' stand in the Horta hall where a series of drawings of their collection in limited edition are on sale.


A promising and highly anticipated edition, cancelled following the health crisis of Covid-19 in Belgium and internationally.

  • Strong synergies with the exhibition 'Molenbeek', drawings by Philippe Vandenberg at BOZAR. 
  • Second edition of the Brussels Drawing Week (cancelled due to Coronavirus) with a double participation of Brussels museums and art centres.
  • Programming of book signing-session by the artists, in collaboration with BOZAR Bookshop.

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